What is Gignation?

Are you ready to ditch the stress and embrace a smoother way to manage substitutes?

Step 1: Register Your Subs

Everything starts with organization. With Gignation, you can easily register all your substitutes in our system. By adding their details, skills, and availability, you create a robust, searchable database that’s integral for the smooth functioning of your school.

Step 2: Adding Assignments

Next up is assignment creation. Whether it’s a long-term substitute role or a sudden sick day, you can quickly add assignments through our user-friendly app or web platform. The clear, intuitive interface makes it simple to input key details, creating a detailed job posting in minutes.

Step 3: Finding the Right Match

Gignation is all about smart allocation. Once the assignment is up, the system automatically cross-references your subs’ skills and availability. With this intelligent matching, you get a ready-to-go list of suitable subs. No more manual sorting and matching. Gignation does the work for you

Step 4: Efficient Invitations

Once you have your potential substitutes, it’s time to send out invitations. With Gignation, you can send invites individually or all at once. Subs receive the invitation directly on their app, and the first to accept gets the assignment. It’s a streamlined process that removes unnecessary waiting and uncertainty.

Step 5: Completion and Record Keeping

Once an assignment is completed, you can easily attest it right in the app. Gignation also maintains a comprehensive record of all assignments, which are automatically added to time reports. It’s the perfect tool for efficient administration and seamless record keeping

Ready to experience the future?

Ready to experience the future of substitute teacher management? Try Gignation for free today!